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The converter is electrically activated manifold assembly that will allow you to replace an old hydraulic converter with a new solid state or electro machanical type controller. Now you can have the simplicity of a hydraulic valve, plus the timing accuracy offered by today's solid state irrigation controllers. The advantage of using multiple "water saving" programs, adds up to dollars in your pocket. Labor is also saved since you don't have to change or modify your existing valves when upgrading your system. If your valves work now they'll work when the Converter is installed.
Features of Electric to Hydraulic Converter:
Hight quality delrin manifold
All stainless steel & Brass construction
Normally open version
Normally closed version
Standard 1/4'' tube fittings
Converter PDF
Each Hydraulic converter is custom built to your specifications. Whether your installing a wall mount version, a pedestal mount version or mounting a stainless steel enclosure to house your converter we've got what it takes to get you going. Here are a couple of recent builds.
10 Station In a Fiber Glass Enclosure
20 Station Wall Mount     
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